Tips for women traveling alone

tips-for-women-traveling-aloneTravelling is not only about getting to know new places. It is also about getting to know ourselves. Especially when travelling alone. To overcome fears, to make decisions, to learn to enjoy our own company are experiences which put us closer to ourselves and provide an unique feeling of freedom and empowerment. Even though being a solo traveler in Europe is pretty smooth, we understand certain concerns. Especially for women. If you’re still in doubt, this article brings together some tips for women traveling alone. Go Girl!

(A lot of) Research

The first step to feel safe and avoid problems is research. Make sure you get a bit familiar with your destination before arrival. Gather some info on culture, habits and transportation. Reading articles or getting in contact with other women that have already been there can not only make you feel more confident. It can also boost your stay.

The perfect Location

A good hostel doesn’t necessarily need to be in the heart of all main tourist attraction. But it is essential to have good access to public transportation, so that you don’t end up walking around remote corners. Make sure to check the online reviews on the hostel location. These can give you a good idea if that is really the right place to be.

Girls dorm

Most hostels – like ourselves – offer dorms only for women. Nothing against me. But sometimes, especially when it comes to sharing a room with starters, we just feel more comfortable between us.

Know your way

Always know your itineraries. Check the way before you start the trip. Download an offline. If you get lost with no internet you still get to know your way. Another tip is to always to have a complete portable battery to accompany you on your tours.

Better to be safe than sorry

Unfortunately there are thieves all over the world. Moneybelts (those bags to put inside the clothes) are great safety option Be discreet when it comes to making payments. Divide the money into different pockets. Even if you are a card person, it is always good to have some cash. Some places (especially in Berlin!!) don’t accept cards. Many hostels, such as the Amstel House, offer safe service, where you can store your valuables.

Smart words

You don’t need to be fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting, and you shouldn’t put it as an obstacle. But try to study some basic and fundamental words to ask for help, receive instructions and be grateful.

And no less important is always trusting your intuition! If you feel you shouldn’t be in that place, whether on the street, bedroom, bar or party, just leave. You know what’s best for.

Be confident and have a nice trip!