5 best road trips from berlin

5 best road trips from Berlin

Berlin is amazing. Spend a little time here on our this blog chock full of tips and you’ll surely have a great time. But if you have a car, it can be equally amazing to make a road trip to discover places around Berlin. So what are the best road trips from Berlin? Here are our favorite trips. All varying from 30 minutes to 3 hours. So combine your city trip to Berlin with a day trip to these places and you’ll make memories for life. Go for a nature retreat or visit another city. Up to you!


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Less than 30 minutes drive from Berlin you’ll find an oasis like no other; two beautiful lakes. The big one (Grosser Wannsee) and the smaller one (Kleiner Wannsee). It is the most popular recreational area for Berliners with sailing, beaches and walking routes. When driving, take the scenic route to Am Grossen Wannsee.




Only 45 minutes from Berlin to the cute University town Potsdam. Castles and lakes galore. So no wonder it made the UNESCO World Heritage. Quentin Tarantino thought its setting was good enough for his movie Inglorious Bastards so road trip your way over. There is a 66 lake trail that starts at Potsdam Brandenburg Gate if you are in for a scenic walking tour as well.



About 90 minutes south of Berlin lies the mesmerising Spree forest. Pick up a canoe, stay in one of the picturesque bed and breakfast facilities or hang on the pretty beaches. Spreewald is the perfect day trip from Berlin for nature lovers!



Two hours from Berlin you find pretty Dresden. This one is definitely one of our favourites in the list of best road trips from Berlin. If you like theaters, castles and impressive architecture, you’ll love a day trip to Dresden.



Three hours north of Berlin is port city Hamburg. It’s buzzing with international allure and a total different vibe from Berlin, so definitely worth a visit if you ask us!


More tips for best road trips from Berlin? Be sure to let us know!