10 best things to do in Berlin in autumn

things to do in berlin in autumnWE HAVE LISTED THE BEST TIPS FOR THE SEASON

Take your stylish coat out of the closet: the elegant autumn has arrived! Time to get cozy in Berlin. In honor to this charming time of the year the Amstel House has prepared the ultimate list of the 10 best things to do in Berlin in autumn.

1. Walk, walk and walk!!!
Berlin is full of great parks that get absolutely marvelous in this time of the year. An unmissable open air spectacle and the perfect program for an early evening. (Our Tip: Tiergarten)

autumn berlin walks and paths

2. Drink red wine in an antique bar
It is time for candle lights. Berlin has many retro-sytle bars, which go very well with red wine and intimate moments. Get romantic, the season calls for it! (Our Tip: Ballman Bar – Kreuzberg – photo)

Bellmann Bar – good wine and antique ambient in Berlin

3. Get hot drinks in a cute cafés
Another Berlin specialty is cozy cafés. And there are tons of them. Berliners are very picky in this matter, so you can expect high quality: good coffee, perfect foam, fresh tea typs and homemade food with vegetarian and vegan options most of the times. (Our Tip: Wohnzimmer – Prenzlauerberg)

4. Visit a Kino
Berlin is one of world’s cinema capitals. Besides a great participations in the industry the city of Berlinale also hosts many amazing movie theathers. From petit to the largest screens, from old velvet seats to the ultimate technology equipment, in all and cool architecture styles: get warm and enjoy the seventh art in Berlin. (Our Tip: Kino International – Mitte)

best cinemas kinos berlin

5. Indoor flea market Arena
Here there is no bad weather. Knick-knacks for varied tastes, vintage items from all the past decades, second hand clothing in good conditions: during fall the paradise of bargain is here.

6. Visit the Botanic Garden
While the dazzling paths around the garden get the vibrant yellow and red of the season, the inside gathers intriguing plants from all parts of the planet. Considered one of the most beautiful of its kind in the world this Botanic Garden carries the legend that times goes slower in its inside.

botakic garden berlin© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

7. Tour in Berlin’s underground world
There is a whole old world to be explored in the subsoils of the German capital, mysterious and full of film worthy scenarios. Guided tours go through forgotten and hidden bunkers, tunnels and former underground corridors.

8. Visit a cemetery
Cemetery walks are much more fun in the fall. Berlin has some buried heroes worth a visit, such as Nico, Marlene Dietrich, Hegel and the Grimm brothers.

nico grave berlin cemetery

9. Pay a museum a visit
Berlin has over 175 museums with some of world’s greatest collections. Joint the useful to the pleasant and protect yourself from the cold while appreciating some of the most amazing art works ever made or oldest pieces ever found . (Tip: Neues Museum – Mitte)

neues museum berlin autumn© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

10. Go Partying
No matter in which season of the year you come to Berlin, clubs should always be part of the program. Not for nothing the city takes the credit of one a world’s best night life. You wouldn’t want to miss it, right? (Tip: Tresor – Mitte)