Berlin Best Bike Routes

best berlin bike routesBerlin loves bikes. More than half a million cyclists bike in the city every day. That makes the German capital one of the largest communities of cyclists in the world. And it could not be any different.

First, the geographic nature of the city is perfect for this type of transportation. Flat and green, pedaling through Berlin is easy and enjoyable. Secondly, the ecological aspect of the bike matches perfectly with local concerns. Berliners are famous for their active engagement also in the ecological field. And finally Berlin offers a highly developed bicycling infrastructure with over 1300 kilometers of cycle paths. The Amstel House highly recommend travelers to get to know the city by bike. So we made a list of Berlin best bike routes.

Green and at the banks of the Kreuzberg canal this popular way should be taken with no hurry. Ice cream cars, cafes by the water, benches to watch the sun go down are the perfect pit stop.

Beelitz Heilstätten
60 km from Berlin and accessible by train (don’t forget to buy the bike ticket) leis one of city’s most popular sights for photo shooting. What visitors find is worthy of cinema. A group of beautiful buildings from the beginning of the last century, that once formed a huge hospital complex, are now partially abandoned. Nature took over giving an even more splendid look to this fantastic setting.

The Berlin Wall
The 160 km of the former Berlin Wall, which between 1961 and 1989 surrounded West Berlin, can nowadays be made by bike. 25% of the wall passed through the center of the urban space, cutting the city in two. making the bike path offers a better geographic notion of the wall, as well as good historical insights about this peculiar chapter of the city.

In the past a hunting area for Brandenburg nobles, the Tiergarten is today one of the largest urban gardens in Germany. With a rich vegetation, full of monuments, idyllic bridges and the perfect corners for a picnic its 210 hectare are easier to explore by bike.

Bike Tours
For the real lovers, why not get to know the whole city by bicycle? You can rent bikes at our hostel reception at any time. There are also bike tour groups that offer all kids of guided tourism, like the Fat Tire Tours Berlin. They can surly guide you through  some of Berlin best bike routes. An easy, fast and ecologically friendly way to get to know the city. Berlin thanks you.