WHERE TO DRINK CHAMPAGNE IN BERLINEverybody needs a bit of glamour every once in a while. And what’s best to bring that spirit than that marvelous, delicious, glittering sparkling wine called Champagne? As in Berlin it is always time to dance on the table We have cheerfully selected the best hotspots: where to drink Champagne in Berlin?

Founded in 1907 KaDeWe is the second largest department store in Europe and a symbol of prestige. Its two top floors are entirely devoted to food, Berlin’s most various and sophisticated gourmet spot. Over 100 chefs work daily in this oasis serving the finest there is in the world’s cuisine. One of its highlights are the fresh oysters enjoyed to the maximum when accompanied by a good glass of Champagne.

Sabine Hueck Atelier Culinário
This charming Brazilian chef is the host of Berlin’s most delightful corners. Decorated with art facts, antique and designed details, Sabine Hueck Atelier Culinário is like a private living room. Here Sabine prepares an always changing menu of tropical fusion food. Since the place is often used for private events and photo shootings, days for the open public are restricted. And now is the time! From September to the end of November, they are open every Thursday and Friday from 5 to 10 pm for the fun Aperitivo- Atelier Culinário, which off course includes Champagne. They are also almost every Saturday open, but check their program before making plans.

Café Kreuzberg
This bar in Kreuzberg mixes the laid back style of the neighborhood with a touch of unique sophistication. The ambient carries on the earthy tones, the massive wooden furniture and on a discrete candle light. This is what one calls the classic bohemian spot, made for existentialist conversations. The drinks are made to perfection! And the champagne a splendid way to start the night.

Arminius Market
Just 50 meters from the friendliest hostel in Berlin lays the stunning Arminius Market. Built in the late 19th century this place is a must go for anyone staying in Moabit. Among the gastronomic diversity offered here, which ranges from a classic schnitzel to the most experimental ceviche, is the Café Thussi & Armin. There visitors can make a pit stop for a glass of Champagne, opening the evening with class before heading to the city.