international flight tips
Some people have the gift of being able to sleep 14 hours straight on a long international flights. If your name is not sleeping beauty, here are our 10 tips on how to survive a long haul international flight.

  1. Keep the blood flowing
    Walk up and down the isles at least once during the flight to keep the blood flowing to your brain. CNN even shows you a few yoga tricks to easily do on board.
  1. Pick your seat on time and wisely!
    If you’re the type that can sleep long hours on a flight, book a window seat. If you think you might have to visit the toilet more than once, book an isle seat.
  1. 3 seats for 2
    When traveling together, reserve the seats in the isle and window. Good chance no one will be booked in the middle, and you’ll have a row to yourself. When the middel guy shows up, ask to switch. Everyone prefers an isle seat to the middle one so they won’t mind!
  1. Bring your own snacks
    We don’t know about you but we yet have to discover the first airline that serves proper food. So your best bet will be a small supply of your own snacks. Think easy packable snacks like an apple, pretzels, carrots, granola bars etc.  You will be so thankful you did. Drinks are readily available so be sure to hydrate well, it will make you feel less exhausted upon arrival.

  1. On board entertainment!
    Next to the airline’s on board entertainment, bring your own! Take some time uploading your favourite music, a great book or movie to your mobile device. You’ll be so happy you did a few hours into the flight!
  1. Snooze
    Don’t worry if you didn’t sleep too much the night before you leave on holiday, it makes you extra tired and you’ll be able to skip a couple of flight hours snoozing away…
  1. Prepare
    If you’re not the sleeper, take this time to prepare your trip. Read a travel guide, or some travel blogs that you preloaded on your mobile device (check for airlines with wifi here).
  1. Bring your gear
    We are all for travelling light but when it comes to long haul flights, bring some essentials. A neck pillow, ear plugs and a mask will do the trick. Your body will thank you for  it later!
  1. Dress comfortably
    Dress smart but never compromise on comfort. The temperature on aircraft – especially on overnight flights – tends to fluctuate wildly so layering is key. Also, your feet tend to swell so wear comfortable shoes.
  1. Social plan
    Before boarding the airplane think about what mood you’re in. Feel like socialising? Or super tired from last night’s crazy farewell party? We are all for making new friends but if the latter is the case, throw a charming smile at your co-travellers sitting next to you but body language your way out of small talk. Because small talk can lead to a 11 hour long conversation. Believe us, we’ve been there. And we’ve seen the slide show and detailed description of ALL 17 grand children…