meet the staff // angela

Meet the staff of Amstel House BerlinMeet the staff of the Amstel House as they share their tips with you. And their secret super powers. And their celebrity crush… This month, meet our star Angela, who’s fluent in Italian and will sing Hakuna Matata for you if you cook for her… 

I’m Angela, a fun loving girl with Italian roots – so if you mess with me, watch out for the Mob;) I am pretty new in Berlin but things have settled well for me so far; I meet nice people all the time and am feeling at home in my cosy little room in a shared flat in Wedding.

What do you love about Berlin?
That it’s always gonna take you 30 minutes to get from A to B, doesn’t matter where A or B actually are.

What do you like most about working at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin?
Besides meeting new people I love languages. I am trying to improve them all the time, especially Italian. So if you want to speak the good old roman style, just ask for me. Oh and I love guests that cook awesome dinners in the kitchen and invite the staff to eat with them 😉

What’s the last place you travelled to and what did you like best?
I more or less can’t name just one place, most of the places I’ve seen have been awesome. The higlight though, was definitely my Work and Travel year in Australia and Singapore. The beaches… *.*

Favourite quote?
Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.
Then, always be a unicorn.

What is your secret super power?
I bewitch people. Seriously.

If you could sing a song on The Voice of Germany, what would it be?
Any song of Disney’s The Lion King ( Hakuna matata, The circle of life, Can you feel the love tonight) – it’s gonna depend on my mood on this day.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Charlie the unicorn

What 3 items would you bring to a deserted island other than food?
My lip balm
Someone that can either sing, or play sad songs on a guitar / Or my boyfriend (depends on my mood again)