Packing List for a Berlin trip

packing trip berlinPhoto: Markus Spiske

10 things that have to be in your backpack on a trip to Berlin.

Good times were those of ship travelling: baggage were big chest and space simply not an issue. Travel packing can be a stressful task in times of low cost flights and hand-luggage only. On our last blog post we gave you a hand on the topic talking about 5 Space Saving Packing Hacks. But, as every place is unique, unique should also be some details in your suitcase. Depending on where you go a few things are essential. For your trip to the German capital the Amstel House helps you out with a packing list for a Berlin trip: 10 things that have to be in your backpack to land just right in.

1- Black clothing

Berlin is definitely not classic, but has a thing for black clothing. Between hippies and punks, mad and behaved, in nightclubs and bars, streets and parks, day and night: black dominates all city’s wardrobe and rules every fashion season.

2- Umbrella or raincoad

No doubt Berlin has great qualities. Weather, however, is not one of them. 45% of its days let fall at least a few drops of rain. Nothing that can spoil the program if you have an impermeable in your bag.

3- Cash $$$

Unlike most metropolitans Berlin is not a big fan of credit cards. You can pin in big stores and hostels, but local restaurants and shops as well as the nicest bars and clubs only except cash.

4- Comfortable shoes

Berlin is huge and there is plenty to be seen and enjoyed. Pick shoes that are made for walking, ’cause that’s what you are gonna do.

5- Nice socks

Most Berliners do the Japanese style: no street shoes inside home. So in case you get invited to someone’s apartment, make sure to wear those nice socks with no holes 😉

6- Condom

Paradise for singles here flirting is all around. If you are a lonely heart there are big chances for a great one night stand – with protection, off course!

7- Accessories

Berlin is creative and extravagant. There is no shame for expression here. If the whole look does not fit in the suitcase, bring at least your special touch.

8- Mini Purse

Mecca of electronic music, host of the best clubs, known for endless nights: Berlin is for those who like dancing. For the money, the phone and (if smoker) the cigarette, better have a small bag that does not hinder your movements on the dance floor.

9- Pocket notebook

Centuries of history, various architectural styles, musicians of all kinds: Berlin is a lot of information. And a lot of beer too. So to not forget what interests you during your stay, better keep a pocket notebook – and the memories will be saved.

10- Meds

Everything that goes beyond aspiring is complicated to buy around here. Most medicaments in Berlin can only be purchased with a prescription – another hard thing to get. So better bring your own saviors in case of emergency.