Tips: what to do in Rome

tips: what to do in romeLegendary history, colossal architecture and genius art. Rome is an open air museum. The city is so wealthy and well preserved that by walking around travelers get to feel the layers of time, the chapters of history. Another of its pleasurable features is the elegance of its locals. The known Italian classic fashion is all around in well-cut jackets and designed shows. And as if that all wouldn’t be already enough to allure, Rome offers a cuisine as famous as tasty, with extensive and fine wine menus, appetizers, antipasti, pasta, seafood, desserts… Mama mia! Get ready for this! Amstel House best tips: what to do in Rome.

Sistine Chapel
After passing through the luxurious halls and corridors of the Vatican’s museum, one arrives at the height of this visit. The Sistine Chapel is a particular spectacle. An artistic experience that thrilled by its colors and perspective. The architecture is inspired on the temple of Solomon. The frescoes that cover all its walls were made by some of the greatest geniuses of the Italian painting. The scenes there represented are alive. The visitor has a keen sense of being immersed in a colorful dream. You don’t have to believe in god to feel emotional. The divine is embedded in Michelangelo’s sky, right above our heads.

Galleria Borghese
This relatively small museum retains one of the most impressive collections of the city, as well as a good representation of the Italian baroque. In zhe 20 rooms of the Galleria Borghese visitors get a 360° art experience. From floor to ceiling, everything is cover with the finest works.  From classical antiques from the 1st to 3rd century to ceiling frescos every detail is amusing. The most exciting about this places are some of Caravaggio’s much acclaimed paintings as well as many of Bernini’s extraordinary sculptures. A decidedly must.

Roman Forum
This place is an uncreditable trip to past. Surrounded by ruins and ancient government buildings the Roman Forum was an important site that served as stage for many public ancient events. Trials, processions, battles took place here along years.

The coolest and youngest neighborhood in Rome. Monti is the best place to troll around, see beautiful people, flirt and have a good time. Trendy villages, old architecture, charming streets are path to bars, restaurants and cafés. Between an aperitivo and a homemade pasta you can take a look at vintage stores and antiques. Qui la vita è davvero bella.

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