Top 10 second-hand clothes stores in Berlin

Go Berlin! Go Vintage!

The further we go into the new millennium, the more vintage becomes a trend. Used clothing is entering all styles of wardrobes, ceasing to be a flea market exclusivity to be part a whole new concept of boutique. Some will say it is pure nostalgia; others will argue that clothes are not made with the quality they used to have before. Truth is that there are much more legs and reasons behind this new way of dressing.

Top 10 second hand berlinAccording to researches, uniqueness and affordable prices are the main reasons why people opt for second hands. Besides, regarding a personal touch, it hurts less to cut and mend old clothes, than to risk a jacket still smelling like new. For the real cultivators of this lifestyle, the mining and bargaining are also an essential part of the ritual. Not to mention that the reuse is environmentally friendly.

Known for its second-hand-way-of-life, Berlin has adopted the style long before it got to the magazines’ covers. Since the early 90’s, with the than recently Wall Fall, many came to enjoy what others have abounded. Besides transforming many empty building in squats, the reuse of furniture and clothes entered the city’s culture to stay. In celebration to this style we have listed our favorite Top 10 second-hand clothes stores in Berlin.


top 10 vintage shops berlin
© Sima Ebrahimi for SemiDomesicated

Great selection, good taste and creative ideas: in this pretty store most clothes have a memoir tag with its story written by the previews owner. A no-rule swap chest stays by the door, where you can put and take whatever you want. Selchower Straße 32, Neukölln | We-Sat 2pm to 7pm


colours vintage store berlin
© Colours Berlin

In an inner courtyard on Bergmannstraße one can find beautiful and unusual second-hand fashion. For those willing to pay even less, the happy hour discount happens every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm, when all clothing cost 30% off. Bergmannstr. 102, Kreuzberg | Mo-Sa 12am. to 7pm


Trash shick berlin vintage
© Trash-Schick

Best outfits for the nightlife. So if you are planning to go to Berghain, pay this shop a visit! Summer sale just started: everything for half the price! Wühlischstraße 31, Friedrichshain | Mo-Sa 12am to 8pm

Bahar Berlin Edeltrash

best berlin vintage stores
© Bahar Berlin Edeltrash

Our cute and lovely neighbour offers ladies fashion & accessories from famous brands and affordable prices. Some nice vintage furniture are also to be found there. Birkenstraße 19, Moabit | Mo-Fr 1pm to 7pm Sa 12am to 4pm

Pick & Weight Berlin

pick n weight berlin vintage store
© Pick & Weight Berlin

Individual clothing of past decades, US Brands, New Fashion and designer pieces to kilo prices provide a shopping experience of a special kind. Alte Schönhauser Str. 30, Mitte | Mo-Sa 12am to 8pm -20h

Das Neue Schwarz

Best Berlin Vintage stote
© das neue schwarz

This second hand boutique is specialized on rare archive pieces mostly by Japanese and Belgian designers, as well as rare Helmut Lang pieces. A special Comme des Garçons Sale with many unique items is just starting this month. Classics such as Isabel Marant, YSL and Chloé are also to be found here. Mulackstrasse 38, Mitte | Mo-Sa 10:30am to 6:30pm


garage Berlin second hand
© Garage Berlin

This huge underground store was the first one in Berlin to offer clothing priced by weight. The success was so big that three other sister-stores came one after the other. Ahornstr. 2, Schöneberg | Mo-Fr 11am to 7pm, Sa 11am to 6pm

Made in Berlin

Made in berlin second hand shop
© Made in Berlin

Here one finds a big collection of vintage treasures at affordable prices, endless selection of shoes, boots, hats and scarves in a relaxed but very organized environment. 20% off happy hour every Tuesdays from 12am to 3pm. Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, Mitte | Mo-Sa 12am to 8pm


best second hand shops in berlinThis huge store just around the corner is not the trendiest, what in this case is a good thing. Out of the fashion spotlights, with a bit of digging one can find great pieces for really low prices. Totally worth the search. This month there’s huge sale with the friendliest prices. Turmstraße 72/73, Moabit | Mo-Fr 9:30am to 8pm, Sa 9:30am to 6pm

 The good old flea markets

However, the most enjoyable and charming way to buy goo oldies in Berlin is still at the many flea markets around. Here our favorites: Nowkoelln, Kreuzboerg, Trödelmarkt am Marheinekeplatz, Mauerpark

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