What will be new at the Amstel House in 2018

What will be new at the Amstel House in 2018We consider ourselves more than a hostel to crash in Berlin. Our biggest fun is to figure out amusing new things to offer to urban travelers, upgrading their experience in Berlin. In 2017 we cooked a lot of ideas, some of which are coming up this year. We are very excited to announce: what will be new at the Amstel House in 2018.

hostel berlin new roomsRooms & Corridors
Moving on with our new Amstel facelifting action. By the end of February 75% of our rooms will be completely new. Besides looking great, they are now much more functional and cozier. Pay us a visit and check it out. Taking advantage of the wave, we had our guys also working on the rooms corridors. Bye bye prison aspect. We are now looking sexy all around! Reception and outdoors areas will also gain some spark.

hostel corworking space berlinCoworking Space
With our eyes turned to the future we’ll setup a place where digital nomads can win their bread and make their business. Quite, connected and well lit: at the Amstel House travelers will have a place to work some hours a day.

hostel website 2018New Website
Not only in the physical plane: in 2018 the Amstel House will be looking good online too. Our new groovy webpage is coming up soon with new colors and features and an easy-to-navigate mobile version. Lets get moving.

best hostels 2018Hostels Partnership
Together with other leading world hostels the Amstel House is ready to present a platform that is going to change the way you travel. Keep an eye at the upcoming Berlin Travel Festival. We will launch a new brand that will conecte you with legends in some of the worlds hottest spots.

free stay hostel berlinFree stay
For the last years we’ve been hosting talented musicians and inspiring bloggers. Travelers with talents that are improving our hosting an communication skills. The experience has been such a pleasure that we decided to make it official. More, we are now expanding it to other talents too. If you are a gifted one, keep an eye in our upcoming website. News will follow!