HOW TO FLIRT IN GERMAN - from ice breakers to first datesIt’s almost Valentine’s Day and spring is not too far away… Time to up the flirting game! And we don’t mean the left and right swiping. We mean real life courtship! And what better way than for a Berlin’s friendliest hostel then to teach you how to flirt in German? Follow along for some of our favourite ice breakers in German and score yourself a fancy date with a hot German fella or girl of your liking. And before you know it you’ll be walking hand in hand in one of Berlin’s beautiful parks or go on a romantic movie date to one of Berlin’s art house cinemas.

In general, guys and girls are equally assertive in Germany so no need to wait until the guys make a move. So let’s start with a few lines to break the ice, which is generally the same type of small talk in German as in English.

Hi, my name is…
Hallo, meine Name ist…

Where are you from?
Woher kommst du?

Do you know where I can find X?
Weißt du vielleicht, wo ich X finde?

Can you please give me a hand?
Kannst du mir bitte helfen?

Can you recommend anything on the menu?
Kannst du etwas auf der Speisekarte empfehlen?

Ok, enough with the polite approach, let’s go with a little bolder approach that shows you’re interested.

Is this seat taken? Can I sit next to you?
Ist dieser Platz besetzt? Darf ich mich neben dich setzen?

I’ll show you my passport stamps if you show me yours…
Ich zeige ihnen meinen Passstempel, wenn sie mich ihren zeigen

Let’s be laughing together this time next year!
Lasst uns dieses Jahr nächstes Jahr zusammen lachen!

I’m new in town. could you show me around?
Ich bin neu in der Stadt. Könntest du mich herumführen?

I saw you at the bar and I just had to come say hello
Ich sah dich an der Bar und ich musste dich einfach ansprechen.


What sights are there in Berlin, apart from you?
Was gibt es sonst noch für Sehenswürdigkeiten in Berlin, außer dir?

I read in the paper that kissing makes people happy. May I make you happy?
Ich habe in der Zeitung gelesen, dass Küssen Menschen glücklich macht. Darf ich dich glücklich machen?

Congratulations! You managed to get through the most embarrassing part! Here are a few lines that might help you on a first date. O and don’t forget to be on time! Punctuality is most Germans middle name and they don’t get the concept of being  fashionably late.

You look nice
Du siehst schön aus

I’m having a great time!
Ich habe eine tolle Zeit!

You’re so funny!
Du bist so lustig

I’m into you.
Ich steh’ auf dich. 


My darling
Mein Schatz 

LIterally ‘my little snail’, but more like ‘my cuty’. What can we say? Germans think snails are cuties…
Mein Schneckchen 

Literally ‘my heart’s favourite’, but more like ‘my dearest’
Meine Herzallerliebste (f) /Mein Herzallerliebster (m)