Why study in Berlin?

why study in berlinCheap beers, culture galore, world-famous festivals, the best underground club scene, three great universities – plenty of reasons why you should study in Berlin for one or more semesters! But if you need some more convincing, we asked the students that stayed with us at the Amstel the first few days or the last few days of their semester in Berlin. So here’s 7 reasons why study in Berlin is a great idea! Might wanna leave #4 out if you’re pitching the idea to to your parents…

It’s affordable!
Not only the beers (great beers!) are cheap, but the rent is much more affordable compared to other European cities. If you have a little more time and you’re in Berlin, you’ll often find a better place at lower price. Lots of students choose to stay with us at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin to settle in and start searching from there.

The best location to explore Europe
If you’re not from Europe, Berlin is again your best choice. We might be bias but this is pure geography, we’re literally in the center of Europe and cheap flights, trains and buses connect you to other great European destinations. Visit Amsterdam for a weekend, or London, or Lisbon or Rome! Amstel House is connected to the best hostels in all of these places. So we can arrange nice discounts for you!

Rich history & culture
If there’s one city in Europe that was the center stage of many historical events and art scenes, it’s Berlin. Every street corner has a story, from Checkpoint Charlie to the Berlin Wall. And there’s museums and art galleries galore. The street art alone will blow you away. There’s just so much to see, it’s a feast for the eyes.

The nightlife…
There’s nightlife and then there’s the queen of nightlife; Berlin. Berlin is simply legendary for its (underground) club scene, techno music and cutting edge DJs. Off course you’re in Berlin to achieve some academic goals, but we might as well have a little fun while we’re at it, right? …

Greenest city
After all that partying, you need some oxygen and greenery to come back to life again. Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Forests, lakes, parks and rivers are found in Berlin and in the immediate surroundings. So if you’re an outdoorsy type, Berlin is your green friend.

Melting Pot
Berlin is a vibrant city with a great international crowd. We welcome thousands of long stay students each year, the international start-up scene is thriving and there’s over a hundred international cuisines to choose from. So come and join the international melting pot called Berlin!

Berlin’s thriving start-up scene
If you want to stick around after your semester in Berlin, best try your luck at one of the 3,000 start-ups that came into the city the last couple of years. Tech companies, fashion brands, design studios, you name it and they came to Berlin for its inspiring vibe and affordable cost of living. There’s no better way to gain work experience than to be thrown in the deep end and work in an entrepreneurial setting.

So, why study in Berlin? I think we got that covered. Just a quick warning; you might never want to leave this amazing place afterwards…

Got friends or family visiting you in Berlin? Then they’re always welcome to stay with us at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin, just 3 bus stops from the central train station and the friendliest staff in Berlin will make them enjoy their Berlin stay to the max!