best rooftop bars in berlin

best rooftop bars in berlin for backpackers

A great view of a magnificent city, while sipping your favourite cocktail. There are few things in this world more perfect than to end your sightseeing day with a visit to a rooftop bar.  Ride some elevators with us along the best rooftop bars in Berlin!

One of the highest rooftop Bars in Berlin and the perfect tropical place for some lounging and enjoying the sunset views.  Beachy in summer but with wintery cocktails and preheated tents, this rooftop is even a great winter destination! Therefor it got itself a spot in the best rooftop bars in Berlin list!

Schönhauser Allee 79, Prenzlauerberg

On top of the Neukölln shopping center Arcaden, you can enjoy the far away view of the TV tower in the midst of a garden feel rooftop.  They are famous for their spectacular bartenders that cook up the best drinks, and they have the occasional food market and life band playing. It’s one of the few family friendly rooftop bars in Berlin.  And in December it turns into a winter wonderland with a Christmas market and all.

Karl-Marx-Straße 66, Neukölln

Amano is a little bit more sleek and upscale than the other two. So it is a really nice location but also a magnet for fashionable hipsters. Amano is located perfectly in the heart of Mitte, offering scenic views of Berlin’s highlights.

Auguststraße 43,  Mitte

Rooftops are on the rise and new ones are coming soon. So be sure to check with your favourite Amstel House Hostel Berlin staff member for the latest, best rooftop bars in Berlin and rise to new heights!