Amstel House at Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit

photo exhibition, hostel, berlinFollowing the desire to immerse into the local cultural scene, the Amstel House had this weekend its first participation in the extensive and colorful Kulturfestival Moabit & Wedding 2014. The programming of more than 250 free events in 100 different locations ends today with the great satisfactions of its big successes.

vernissage, hostel, berlin, amstel houseBurger BBQ, Amstel House, Hostel, Berlin

We particularly had a very pleasant Friday. The exhibition-opening of the work of two of our receptionists / artists gather staff, guests, friends and neighbors. The evening, which featured good music, champagne and a delicious BBQ Burger, presented on our mobile gallery two photo essays. As usual after an exhibition in our house, the work is now exposed with other series in our permanent gallery for the appreciation of our future guests. Come check it out!

Mystery: the Berlin Nights by Julez Verne

Son of a DJ of the 80s, Julez has since his early youth a constant presence in the electronic Berlin scene. This intimacy with the city’s night is now shared in his current work. The mystery is expressed by the diffusion of vague lights, leaving to the observer a way to immerse in this universe and the freedom to relate to it in a very personal and individual way.

Impressions of a Park by Martin Heiden

The increasingly sensibility of Martin expressed through his pictures is latent in his new work. In Impressions of a Park, one gets the sensation that the artists simultaneously reveals and conceals something about his object.