Berlin Fashion Week 2013

Year after year fashionistas from all over world flood to Berlin to experience the unique transformation of city’s winter gloom into colorful world  of modern creativity represented by the industry’s best.

The trends of the season become alive as designers, customers and specialists come together to set the tone of what’s in and what’s out in 2013. Posh catwalks, glamorous events and cozy showrooms unveil the secrets and surprises artists have been working on and allow the audience to gain an insight on new trends and directions.

To clue you in on what exactly those trends might be, we don’t have to go very far. If the previous years should be any indication, green design must be the new black. Enviroment-friendly and fair fashion are growing on importance and becoming more and popular among the insiders as well as among the fashion crowds. Showfloor Berlin presents 17 original collections focused on avantgarde based on idea of fair trade, fair working conditions and eco-transports.

For casual – orientated fashion consumers there is Ethical Fashion show bringing to Berlin the best of Streetwear design. Green, fair and urban enters its third season with a bang. The concept is to complete and fill in the gap between high-end fashion (presented by Greenshows in Kempinski) and support the idea of ecofair and urban products.

You don’t have to be a fashion freak to enjoy the goodies the upcoming week has to offer. Parties and side events are mushrooming every year. Tickets are on sale now and the event selection may make your head spin. One of the most impressive and traditional gigs is definitely the Fashion Rock Night. Fancy models and rock musicians share one stage in three shows and two live music acts topped off by a spectacular aftershowparty. A small tip – buy your tickets in advance or you may very well miss out on the highlights lining up at the door with a massive crowd.





When: 15 – 20. January 2013

Where: Berlin

Program: Berlin Fashion Week 2013