It’s time for flashes, magic and big screens. One of the most beloved events in Berlin begins this week. The Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, brings to the city many of the current most celebrated talents of the 7th art. With a comprehensive program containing names, styles and cultures from the four corners of the globe Berlinale offers an international and interesting program. 

It is an exciting moment. Cinema in general is experiencing a great phase. 2017 proved to be a golden spring staging breathtaking photographers, outstanding soundtracks and evolving performances. Plots of all kinds that not only intrigue, but involve spectators in strange journeys and original experiences. Hence expectations and excitements for what’s to come with the Berlinale are almost hard to contain.

The Amstel House has already taken a look. Here we present our suggestions. But we warn you. The festival features about 400 movies. Better check the program yourself.

For the fans of animation our tip is the Isle of Dogs. Directed by the fun Wes Anderson this adventure tells the story of a dystopian future in Japan where dogs are taken to isolation in a dumping ground, where a 12 years old boy go search its best friend Spots.

For the lovers of the classic French cinema we strongly recommend Mes provincials by Jean-Paul Civeyrac. This dramatic comedy is about a young film student, Étienne. Full of existential dialogues and artistic adventures this can only be a delightful movie to watch.

But if your thing is action, then the tip is to embark on the feature film of this already known director of hectic pictures, José Padilha. The same guy who once brought viewers into the traffic war in Rio de Janeiro with “Trope de Elite”, brings us now to the reality of 7 Days in Entebbe, a film about the rescue of hostages taken by terrorists on a flight in 1976. Also based on real facts.

We don’t even need to mention that if you need a place to crash you are more than welcome at the Amstel House, a hostel passionate about cinema just like you. BERLINALE 2018: WHERE TO, STAY WHAT TO SEE