Berlin’s Good Bye to David Bowie

David BowieBerlin and David Bowie had a legendary three years love affair, marking each other for ever. After crazy times in L.A the Pop Star headed to Berlin in 1976 running away from drugs and looking for inspiration. Here he found “the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine” as he described. With Berlin as his new muse Bowie lived his most productive and creative time, which resulted in a trio of albums that became famous as his Berlin Trilogy: Low, Heroes and Lodger.

These three music landmarks were recorded within the walls of Hansa Studios, which kept the love and relationship with the singer for all the years that followed. On January 8th, two days before Bowie’s death, Hansa Studio was celebrating his 69th Anniversary together with the launching of the new album Blackstar. With the sad news they invite the fans and friends to Bowie Berlin Trauerfeier / Obsequy at the beautiful Meistersaal, known as “the big hall by the wall”, to remember, recall and celebrate the life and work of this great artist. This is the Berlin’s Good Bye to David Bowie.

 Where: Meistersaal am Potsdamer Platz | Köthener Straße 38, 10963 Berlim

When: Friday the 15th, from 12 o’clock the whole day

Entrance is free.