The best of East and Southeast Asian food in Berlin

best asian food in berlinBerlin contains a small sample of the world. Few cities are so cosmopolitan. By walking through its streets one rapidly notice that German is only one among the many languages to be heard around here. Each for a reason at different periods of history immigrant groups arrived coloring and transforming the city. And what better way to experience it than gastronomy? Welcome to A Slice of the World, our special about foods and drinks of the world in the capital. To get it started we prepared a list of the best of East and Southeast Asian food in Berlin.

Thai Park
For 20 years the Thai community has been meeting here. Especially on weekends colorful umbrellas are shelter for dozens of talented cooks preparing traditional recipes. The hard part is to choose what to eat. Everything looks amazing.

This Philippine restaurant serves a special dish that has been traveling a lot itself. The charcoal BBQ comes originally from Mexico and the Caribbean region and was brought to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial times. It is today a transformed and multicultural dish you don’t want to miss.

Besides cozy and charming this old and well known Japanese restaurant in Neukölln serves one of the best sushis in town. Honest price, traditional decoration, friendly service. Better reserve it!

Monsieur Vuong
A pioneer in a concept that has become fashionable in Berlin, this lively Vietnamese restaurant serves a few but absolutely delicious dishes of the day with a lot of seasoning and some hot stuff. Everyday a new menu accompanied by fruity drinks as beautiful as yummy.

Central, simple, cheap and tasty: this Indonesian Restaurant is the perfect address for backpackers!

Go Asia
If you are willing to venture into the Amstel kitchen and test with your own hands some Asian recipes pay a visit to our neighbor, the incredible supermarket Go Asia. From typical fresh vegetables of the region to chicken fit, from hot sauces and to exotic tea there is nothing you will not find here.