Meet the Amstel House Hostel Berlin staff

When you’re staying at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin, it’s not only a bed and a comfy spot at the bar that we offer. Our lovely team of travel experts and Berlin enthusiasts come with the package! On the ‚Meet the Staff‚ tag on the Amstel House Blog, we’ll introduce one staff member and their favourite Berlin hot spots each month. Today, meet our staff star of the month, Maria (lovely lady on the right).

My name is Maria, and I have been working at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin since last October. I come from Spain and have been living in Berlin for the last three years. I studied Fine Arts in Spain and France, and after some years living in different cities I came to Berlin attracted by its culture scene and way of life. Now it feels like home 🙂

What do you love about Berlin?
It is such a vibrant city, yet cool and relaxed. There is always something interesting to do and to see! I also love its „patchwork style“, where so many architecture styles are mixed, and so many different cultures and kinds of people live together. It’s a city that has a scent of history, but lives in the present.

What’s your favourite hot spot in Berlin?
Parks in summer! The trees are so tall that you feel completely out of the city for a while. It ́s the best way to disconnect and recharge. My favourites are Grünewald, Tiergarten and Volkspark Rehberge.

What’s your favourite hot spot near the Amstel House?
The Fiaker Coffeeshop, next to Alt-Moabit street. It has a really cosy atmosphere, they make delicious cakes, and they have one of the bests capuccinos and Lattes I ́ve tried in Berlin! mmmhhh…..

What do you like most about working at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin?
Speaking different languages with people from all around the world, and the wonderful Amstel House team of course! 🙂

What’s the last place you travelled to?
It ́s been too long since I made a far away trip, and I really miss it! Soon I will visit Vienna and Brussels though. As years go by, I enjoy more experiencing new places by living there for a while or by visiting friends that can show me the “secret gems” of their city.

Favourite quote:
„Where one door shutsanother opens“ – Cervantes 

What is your secret super power?
Finding solutions to my personal dilemmas.

If you could sing a song on The Voice of Germany, what would it be?
“Drive my Car”, from the Beatles. It brings me nice memories from my childhood. It was the first song I learned in English.

Who is your celebrity crush?
No crushes on celebrities! 🙂

What 3 items would you bring to a deserted island other than food?
Tons of books, a big tent…. and a ticket back home 🙂