Saturdays at the Kollwitzmarkt

Kollwitzplatz_BerlinWith its cobbled, tree-lined streets, parks, small shops and restaurants with flowered gardens Prenzlauerberg is one of Berlin’s most charming neighborhoods. Known as an alternative district before and short after the Wall Fall, it has changed a lot over the past twenty years. After a heavy renovation process the area turned into a nest of young families, many of which formed by its former and once underground inhabitants. Today successful professionals – what can be assumed by the high rent prices – they live a quieter life, keeping however a sense of open mind and trendy behavior as fans of bikes, second hand shops and bio products.Kollwitzplatz market  berlinIn the heart of this family environment in front of the cute Kollwitzplatz, there is a program that can’t be missed: Saturdays at the Kollwitzmarkt Between 9a.m and 5p.m all kinds of products – most of them natural, ecological and handmade – can be found here: natural soaps, clothing, handcrafts, accessories, prints, toys, books, plants, fruits, breads, cheese and sausage. Besides it all, it is also a great place to try some typical german dishes for a high quality and a fair price. To spend the day at the Kollwitzmarkt is undoubtedly a delightful and peaceful program. Besides eating and bargaining, one can also enjoy a good german beer accompanied by the music of the local and very talented street artists.

Kollwitzplatz markt berlinWhere: Kollwitzplatz, Prenzlauerberg

How to get there: U2 (Senefelderplatz), M2, M4

When: from 10a.m to 5p.m

This post was originally posted by Berlimais, a blog in Portuguese about Berlin dedicated to share with visitors the great joy of living in this city.