There goes the neighborhood

It’s no secret that one of Amstel’s most coziest and frendliest neighbors is just a stone’s thrown away. One of Moabit’s popular hang-outs, the Arminius market hall is an fact an old lady that welcomed it’s first visitors in 1891. Badly damaged in the Second World War, it was restored in 1950 and reopened. What grabs you right away is the overwhelmingly detailed interior. You feel like the original plan had been to built a church, then halfway through the architects decided to drop the idea and build a public market place instead. It’s the elaborate archways and floral ornaments together with high ceilings and cathedral – like windows that make you feel like you’re in a holy place. If you worship good and quality food, Arminius Market Hall is your temple.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowds and the amount of goods this buzzing spot has to offer. Let us walk you through it.

It’s your sweet tooth that kicks you out of the bed every morning? Try Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Our thumbs are up. Especially for the Brownie and Cappucino flavor and the friendly service.

Originally, Die Zunfthalle housed more than 425 stands providing large selection of wares and home grown products. The wide alleys were designed for horse carriages and all sorts of transport vehicles to deliver the goods and the spirit of those times is still very much present. Dropping by the Hof, don’t miss The Mother of all Tables and check out the hall’s great Brewery while snacking on some Fish and Chips in a stylishly furnished living room.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t want this as your kitchen device.

You wanna have your fish and eat it too? No problem for these two chatty guys. They may smell fishy but they certainly know their stuff. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you most definitely are spoiled for choice here. Once you pick your favorite, have a seat and enjoy the treats of house made burgers and original sauces this stop abounds in.

Fishing for your compliments.

They say you are either Italian or you want to be Italian (Irish say the same thing about being Irish but we wouldn’t want to start a fight here, would we). The point is, every Italian wannabe in Moabit should at least once grab a dish at Alimentari e Vini. The acclaimed winner: Spaghetti with fried shrimps. A runner-up: Bistecca di Manzo. Don’t even think about leaving the corner without exchanging a couple of words with a talkative owner and wolfing down a piece of home made Tiramisu. If your eyes start to wander any further, your wallet may follow and that exclusive wine selection may become your own faster than  you say Amstel. 

Meet the real Meat.
It’s time to sample olives outside your Martini sessions.
One can never have enough vegetables in their life.

It’s long past 11:00 am on idle Saturday, you missed our delicious Amstel breakfast buffet by nanoseconds – don’t hang your head there’s still hope for you and your empty stomach because the Saturday brunch at the market hall has just kicked off. Taking off your shoes before entering the hall’s living room won’t be necesarry and the hosts will be more than happier if you decide to overstay your welcome.

Does electro music give you headache and the DJ at Matrix won’t play Nat King Cole? Stop by the Jazz Fridays.  It’s a rough competition with Thursday’s Swing sessions. Choose between the feet and the heart or go for both. Up for a ride?

Arminius market hall proves that what is good doesn’t need to be pricey and that what’s at hand we mostly tend to underappreciate. It’s worth exploring. And you may find yourself coming back for more.

How to get there: Turn right at Amstel House Hostel and take a second corner. From U station Turmstr. turn right into Wilhelmshavenerstr. then take the first left and walk straight ahead.