Total Records: an exhibition about Vinyl & Photography

irving penn miles davis
Irving Penn, Miles Davis, Tutu, 1986 © Warner Bros. Records

500 album covers chronologically presented. A tribute and celebration to one of the most emblematic objects of the 20th century. Total Records: an exhibition about Vinyl & Photography at C/O Berlin.

Some objects carry within themselves the culture of a generation. The vinyl is definitely one of them.Turning unceasingly during the second half of the 20th century, it was a voice of its time. New rhythms, experiments and political statements made their way to the crowds through records. And not only due to the music. The album covers represented as much as the set of tracks they wrapped. A swimming baby going for a dollar bill. Four hippies crossing a street. Four punks leaning against a brick wall. The images pop up from the collective memory. And while we rapidly relate them to Nirvana, The Beatles and Ramones, rare are the times when we know the name of the visual artist behind.

Iain Macmillan, The Beatles, Abbey Road, 1969 © Apple Records

The C/O Berlin is currently paying a tribute to the importance of photography in the era of analogical music. 500 cover albums display the multifaceted interplay between photography and music. The intimacy, dialog and interection between both sides of the same record are revelead to the public. The translation of a music into a visual concept. Some of these partnerships went beyond a release. That was the case of Jean-Paul Goude and Grace Jones and Irving Penn and Miles Davis.

Jean-Paul Goude, Grace Jones, Island Life, 1985 © Island Records

Only two metro stops from the Amstel House this nostalgic exhibition will bring back sounds and memories to those living those years. To the younger generation this is a great opportunity to navigate through the creative musical e graphic universe of the past century.

What: Total Records: an exhibition about Vinyl & Photography
Where: C/O Berlin – Hardenbergstraße 22-24, 10623 Berlin
Opening hours: Daily 11 am – 8 pm. Until 24.04

brian duffy david bowie
Brian Duffy, David Bowie, aus Fashions, 1982 © BOW 100