What to do in Venice – Summer 2017

What to do in Venice – Summer 2017Astonishing beautiful, seductive, appealing. This ancient port city has a lot of history to tell and to stimulate our imagination. With its dazzling architecture and unique structure over 118 small islands in northern Italy, Venice never loses its place among the most charming and visited cities in the world. The reasons are many, since beauty is not its only attribute. Good food, contemporary art and traditional handcrafts are also part of the voyage. To help you make the best out of it the Amstel House penned 4 golden tips for the season. What to do in Venice – Summer 2017!

Visit the Venice Biennale

Recommendation number one for those visiting Venice this year. As a true art lover or as a curious traveler the biennial is an unmissable experience. Besides bringing together many of world’s current best contemporary art, the gardens and the architecture of the pavilions are an impressive display themselves. In our opinion this year’s high lights go to the German, South Korean and Israeli pavilions. If you have very short time in the city some countries have their pavilions out of the Biennale complex. We strongly recommend a visit to the Cuban one.

Get lost in the side streets

The historical center is bigger than one thinks. A true glamourous and seemly infinite labyrinth for those who enjoy alluring walks. And while the main streets are packed with tourist, often one step aside is enough to get a bit of peace and solitude. There are over 400 bridges, as well as countless mini-corners, ornate windows and narrow paths to explore.

Have some Cicchetti at the cute & yummy Cantina do Spade

Cicchetti, a mouthwatering local snack, is a must. Known as the Venice tapas they go perfectly well with regions best wine. The cute Cantina do Spade not only does it with charm, but with the best and freshest local ingredients. If there still hunger go for the squid pasta, piatto bello e gustoso.

Have night walks

It is when the sun goes down in Venice that one truly feels its past. The silence, the calm waters, and the lanterns half-light. Walking through these old alleys put any passer in a travel back in time. And the summer nights… ah the summer nights combined with the soft Italian breeze are mischievous, make everything feels just nice.

Venice Biennale – South Korean Pavillon
Cicchetti at Cantina do Spade
Cicchetti at Cantina do Spade