Berlin is Europe’s coolest city. Here’s why.

berlin coolest city europe

Berlin is Europe’s coolest city. We knew that. You knew that. But If you needed some more convincing or some reasons to convince your travel partner(s), we’re happy to help. Find our top reasons why Berlin is Europe’s coolest city below. And if you need more inspiration, hit the rest of our blog filled with Berlin’s prettiest, hidden, yummiest, greenest, inkiest, and cultural  highlights.

The epic center of European history
Think of all of Europe’s history of the 20th century alone and you will soon notice that there was one city in the middle of it all; Berlin! The first World War, the second world war, the cold war, the fall of the wall, the list goes on.

Creative Hub
With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, artists and musicians like Iggy Pop and David Bowie came from every corner of Europe to move into the abandoned buildings and create the most amazing work. It was the start of an edgy creative hub and the vibe stayed long after the real estate was taken over by developers.

It’s cheap!
Let’s be clear; compared to other cool European cities, Berlin is cheaaaap. Drinks, food, places to stay; they’re all much more affordable in Berlin. So pack your bags and stay at Berlin’s friendliest hostel. Also, we have just finished our new décor so you get the very best price in town.

Party until sunset
With the fall of the wall, the whole world saw kids dancing high on freedom. This spirit never stopped in Berlin. Clubs, festivals and hidden dance parties are

Culture Galore
Berlin is home to over 170 museums (New York has 130), the world’s largest open air gallery (East Side Gallert) and the world’s first museum dedicated exclusively to street art (Museum for Urban Contemporary Art). Culture and Design loving people are in for a treat when visiting Berlin!

Architectural Delight
Berlin proves that with every challenge comes opportunity. When forging the divided city back together, it had to redefine itself architecturally. Leading architects from all over the world like David Chipperfield and Renzo Piano created contemporary buildings like never seen before. Hence it was no surprise when Berlin was named UNESCO City of Design in 2006.

Melting Pot of culinary gems
30 years ago, Berlin restaurants served mediocre food for the working class. Today, Berlin is a melting pot of cuisines. Whether you’re in for an Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai or German delight, Berlin is a feast for your taste buds.

Tech hub
Step aside Silicon Valley, Berlin is her to stay. Low rents, 24/7 fun, a creative vibe, strong English language skills, and plenty of investors make Berlin a hot scene for tech startups. And Brexit has made Berlin a booming alternative for London as well. So thinking of starting your own app or fintech company? Come join us in the coolest city in Europe.

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