5 best buys for backpackers

5 smartest gadgets for backpackersAt the Amstel House our super friendly (and smoking hot!) staff are here to help you with anything from planning your trip to hot spot tips in Berlin to cooking up the best burger BBQ in town. When it comes to packing tips, we’ve already created this handy packing checklist for you, but we recently conducted an extensive survey with our smart guests at the Amstel House bar and these are their top 5 best buys for backpackers tips:

1. Head light
Whether you’re camping (and need to find the loo in the middle of the night…), taking a midnight walk or want to read a book at night; this little gadget will always come in handy!

2. Sleeping bag sheet
At the Amstel House, we pride ourselves in having the cleanest bed sheets in Berlin but unfortunately, that cannot be said for every hostel around the globe. So alwaystake a single sleeping bag sheet that you can crawl into at night. It’s easy to wash regularly and light to carry.

3. Vacuum bag
Want to save space in your backpack? Get a vacuum bag for things like winter coats. It will suck all the excess air out so it saves you a lot of space.

4. World travel adapter + Distributing-Plug
When you want to be able to charge your devices around the world, be sure to bring a world travel adapter as different countries have different plugs. Another wise investment is a distributing-plug to be able to charge various devices at the same time with one world travel adapter.

5. E-reader
If you like to read but don’t like the extra baggage, bring an e-reader. They are very affordable and with access to millions of books, it’s like having a library in your pocket.

Happy travelling and we hope to welcome you soon at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin!