GRAZ city trip – 10 must visit hot spots

graz city trip

Let us take you on a Graz city trip with its 10 must visit hot spots! At the Amstel House Hostel Berlin we LOVE travellers. We love their stories, their legends, their adventures, the new friendships made along the way. And we love to share our personal Berlin tips with them. Our favourite Berlin restaurants, Berlin’s famous underground bars, the best Berlin summer festivals, Berlin winter hot spots, great vintage stores and vintage markets, the list goes on.

But we also love to do some travelling ourselves. That’s why we will start a new editorial on this nifty blog: Europe city trip hot spots. A guide with the 10 very best places to visit on each city trip. We’ll cover popular destinations like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague and London but also little uncovered gems like this one…

First up is the Austrian city Graz!! 


1. A great alternative for Vienna! It’s smaller, more charming and less touristy.
2. Incredibly friendly people
3. Affordable but DELICIOUS food scene!


If you’re only in for a short stay and want to spoil yourself with a bit more ‘design’ then the art nouveau gem called Hotel Wiesler is perfect for your Graz city trip!

The A&O hostel near the train station is a cheaper alternative.


Start the day with breakfast and coffee at Tribeka

Best burgers and great atmosphere at Speisezaal

Italian deliciousness at the farmer’s market at Macello


Schlossberg: Walk along the Mur river and take the 260 steps (or the elevator..) up to the Clock Tower from Schlossbergplatz. The finish is rewarding as you get a beautiful scenic 360 view of Graz. These steps were built by Austrian and Russian pioneers during WWI which is why they are often called ‘Kriegssteige’ (war steps).

The neighbourhood Annenviertel (around Lendplatz) is filled with small arty and design businesses, shops, coffee places and hip hairdressers. Definitely worth a visit on your Graz city trip!

A must for surf dudes and chicks. Surfing the river Mur! The two waves are both near the main bridge.

Go for a stroll in the Old Town of Graz, a well preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site. Historical architecture, secret courtyards and pittoresque alleys.

The impressive Graz Art Museum shows contemporary art from all over the world.