how to book the best flights

best flight tickets
As we are keen on travelling ourselves at the Amstel House Hostel we thought we’d take a minute to share our tips to find the best possible flight.

  1. Use an incognito or private window when booking a flight. Travel websites will recognise your IP address on the second, third etc visit and raise prices. They know you’re interested now…
  2. Book your tickets on Tuesday night just after midnight (technically Wednesday morning…). Think of where the timezone where the airline is based though. Why Tuesday after midnight? Typically most low airfares appear between Sunday night and Monday night. At midnight Tuesday, all the discount fares that weren’t purchased come flooding back into the airline’s computer systems. And that’s when you strike.
  3. When traveling together, reserve the seats in the isle and window. Good chance no one will be booked in the middle, and you’ll have a row to yourself. When the middel guy shows up, ask to switch. Everyone prefers an isle seat to the middle one so they won’t mind!
  4. Unless you’re booking for a busy holiday period like Christmas, don’t book too early. Ideally book 60-45 days before your flight as flight prices tend to be at their lowest then.
  5. If you’re booking via a travel platform, always double check the price of the same flight when booking directly with the airline. It’s never too far off, but you can often save a little.

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