Best Vegan Travel Tips

best vegan travel tips for travelers

Travelling on a plant-based diet can be challenge. Will you starve? Not at all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It only takes some preparation and practical tips. So let’s make vegan travelling easy. We’ve asked our vegan staff and guests for the best vegan travel tips. To support animal friendly travel in Berlin or anywhere.


Do your research

The internet and Instagram are your friend when discovering a new destination. Use these tools for when you’re researching vegan food options as well. Blogs for vegans by travelers and locals are especially wonderful. And prepare by creating a folder in your Instagram account with your nice looking restaurants, food stalls and café’s that serve vegan food. So that, when you arrive, you have all these delicious options already sorted.



Whether on a vegan forum, in facebook groups, fellow travelers or the staff of your hostel, ASK! You’ll find that the best tips come from likeminded adventurers. At the Amstel House we are always happy to share our favourite vegan restaurant tips and Berlin offers many great vegan options. You’ll meet some lovely people by doing so.


Bring your own vegan treats

Airlines are not known for serving vegan delights. And sometimes it can take a while before you can stop anywhere but a gas station.  So bring your own stash of dried fruits, vegan bars, brown rice, nuts, ginger, chocolate or other food that doesn’t spoil quickly.  We recommend bringing your own vegan curry powder, salt, olive oil and soy sauce. Ask the stall to make the delicious veggies but leave the (often fish based) sauce out.


Bring your food containers

We recommend bringing some lightweight storage boxes to serve as food carrier. So you can bring and enjoy leftovers and pre-cooked meals later. Saves you time, money, and it’s delicious.


Same goes for eco cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics can be hard to come by at your destination. So check beforehand and bring an extra stash of vegan shampoo and soap if you’re not certain.


Learn the essential phrases

Travelling to a different country that doesn’t speak your native language? Learn how to say a few phrases like ‘no milk’, ‘no meat’ or ‘no egg’.  If it’s hard to memorize, create a cheat sheet that you can show to the vendor. Better be specific.


Find an accommodation with a communal kitchen

By booking a hostel with a kitchen, you can be in charge of what you eat. Better for your budget, you make friends while cooking and you’re certain your food is vegan and delicious. Win-win-win. When in Berlin, budget hostel Amstel House has a brand new guest kitchen with all facilities at your disposal.


Be creative

Find yourself at a non vegan restaurant? Make it work by being creative. Combine two side salads to create a full meal. Ask to replace bacon for veggies or hold out on the cheese. There’s often enough options.


Shop at local farmers markets

The best quality fruits, nuts and veggies can be found at local farmers markets. So do your research and find them at your destination. Fresh, local and the best prices. What else can your vegan heart wish for?


Download the Happy Cow App

Best for last. Do yourself a big favour and download the Happy Cow App for vegan galore. It’s Google Maps (including reviews) for vegans and vegetarians. It will tell you the nearest animal friendly dining options. Happy Cow, happy you!


So enjoy your vegan travels, anywhere in the world! And if you’re in search for vegan options when in Berlin, be sure to ask our friendly staff at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin. We have some super delicious vegan gems for you.