best dancing in Berlin

best dancing in berlin - guide to best clubs in Berlin

One of the most asked questions for the lovely folks of Amstel reception is what the best place for clubbing and dancing is in Berlin. So are you looking to bust a move after a day of sightseeing? Or did you come especially for the best nightlife in the world? Your friends at the Amstel have put together a guide to the best dancing in Berlin. From exuberant bars to dance halls and underground music venues. Dance the night (and morning…) away in all corners of Berlin. From Tempelhof to Kreuzberg and from Neukölln to Prenzlauerberg.


Not the best kept secret, but Berghain is a destination in itself. Sitting on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, Berghain is the world’s most notorious nightclub. Hands down. We listed some tips for you to stand a chance to get into Berghain. But fret not, if you do not succeed (we’ve been there…we know it hurts), there are plenty of cool clubs where you can move your hips as well.

Am Wriezener Bahnhof (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)


There’s Berghain on one end of the Berlin club spectrum and on the other side, you find Sisyphos. Sisiphos is a magical place with a festival like, joyful, energetic and welcoming ambiance. The crowd is super friendly and when it gets dark a zillion little lights make it look like you’re in a fairytale. The hammocks, tree houses and large outdoor area make this a place that people stay on for days on end sometimes. True story. 

Hauptstr.15 (Tempelhof-Schöneberg)


So much more than a club or dance venue. Anomalie is a visionary space with cross overs between arts, nightlife, creative workshops and everything that will make your soul fly. Curious? You should be. It’s an awesome world of wonders.

Storkower Strasse 123 (Pankow-Prenzlauer Berg)


You and your party buddies into techno? Then head over to Tresor! Its location – a former power plant – is a dark but funky place of its own. Foggy tunnels, dodgy basements and Berlin style industrial spaces. We love the welcoming vibe and mix of likeminded Berliners and tourists.

70 Köpenicker Strasse (Mitte)


One of Berlin’s oldest clubs is Schwuz, located in an old brewery warehouse in Neukölln. Check their program as they offer a mix of mainstream to underground. But you will have a blast anytime. We love the open, welcoming, extravagant vibe of this place and the super happy employees that make you smile the whole night!

Rollbergstr. 26 (Neukölln)


Let’s keep this list curated! Did you find a great place for best dancing in Berlin? Then let us know and we will update this list with your tips.