Best travel gadgets – tech packing for your next trip

cool travel gadgets

Some are life savers for your travels, others are just too hot damn cool. We’re talking the latest cool travel gadgets that you need to know about. We’ve done all the research. So if you’re about to embark on a travel adventure, pick your favourite. And don’t forget your friends, they also make the best gifts for travelers!

The Translator

Our personal favourite on this list. From now on you can put ‘fluent in 105 languages’ on your travel resume. Ask the Travis Touch Plus. This Dutch Design cool travel gadget will take away all language barriers. It translates your voice into 105 languages while on wifi and 16 without. Perfect accents included. It also has a language learning mode for the eager. Pardon my French? Not anymore.

Wifi galore

Traveling often or travelling to several countries? A single press of a button of the Skyroam Solis connects you anywhere in the world. A one-time investment in this portable wifi hot spot will make foreign SIM cards, international data packages and phone chargers redundant. This cool travel gadgets offers 4G to 5 devices at once in 130+ countries. Get a day pass for only 9 USD and you can unlimitedly roam the worldwide web for 24 hours. Or stay at the Amstel House in Berlin. We have free wifi in the lobby and all rooms!

Space travel

Well not literally. But the VAGO vacuum pump creates more space for your travels. A hell of a lot more actually. Did you know almost half of your luggage consists of air? Well, when using this tiny clever tech gadget, you’ll suck all that air out and leave more space for fun stuff you pick up along the way.

Clean water

Avoid buying plastic water bottles and drinking tap water instead is easy in most first world countries. But what about when you’re travelling outdoors or in other parts of the world? GRAYL’s Purifier to the rescue! It makes clean, purified drinking water within 15 seconds from any fresh water source.

Camping mug 2.0

The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is the ideal gizmo for festivals and camping trips. This battery powered high tech mug can boil tea, soup and keep drinks warm for hours. Furthermore, you can put it in the pocket size blender accessory and make a healthy smoothy on the go.

Suitcase buddy

Miss walking your dog while travelling? Consider the Ovis suitcase. Due to technology magic and vision power, this suitcase follows you around wherever you go without you having to carry, push or pull it. A built in power bank will keep your devices charged and its location tracker will give you extra security as well. Wraf!

Mini Laundry

Ok not technically a tech gadget, but we think it’s mighty handy. And as this is our blog, we decided you should know about this nifty invention. It’s the perfect solution for your laundry load while traveling. Whether you’re backpacking, camping or hiking off the grid, the Scrubba Wash Bag will be your pocket-size laundry buddy. It includes a tiny washboard and a wash bag. With only 3 liters of water and some detergent, your clothes will be crisp in a few minutes. Saves laundry money too!