Best craft beer bars in Berlin by craft beer breweries

The Germans have been famous for their beer brewings for centuries. They love drinking it too! And although these days it is mostly big international breweries, there is a booming scene of craft breweries in Berlin. So enjoy a nice ale at one of these best craft beer bars in Berlin.


This ‘coffee place’ by day, ‘craft beer bar’ by night in Berlin Mitte serves an eclectic collection of the best Nordic and Berlin brewed beers. If you can’t make up your mind, ask for a ‘testing board’.

Kaschk, Linienstrasse 40


Consume your beers right where they are brewed! The American friends who started this brewery believe in the charm of small batches so they can vary tastes regularly. Above all, it’s located in Wedding, this cool craft beer bar is located only a few minutes by bike from the Amstel House.

Vagabund, Antwerperner Strasse 3

Zum Starken August

A nice ‘burlesque’ bar in Prenzlauer Berg to enjoy your craft beers. It includes a small stage for glittering shows that make your night out extra special. They serve various craft beers from international and local brewers to tickle your senses.

Zum Starken August, Schönhauser Allee 56


This beer bar in Friedrichshain serves over 40 different craft beers both on tap and in a bottle. From our personal favourite Little Creatures from Australia to local brands. So there’s one for everyone’s taste! Either join one of their quiz nights, or enjoy live music on Tuesdays or put on your dancing shoes for one of their famous  ‘HAUS Parties’.

HOME, Neue Bahnhof Str. 23


Translated literally as ‘rich in hops’, this craft beer bar in Kreuzberg certainly lives up to its name! It was the very first craft beer bar in Berlin. Therefor, you feel their love for craft beer as soon as you walk through the door.

Hopfenreich, Sorauer Str. 31

Amstel House

For your first taste of craft beers you don’t even have to leave our lovely Berlin hostel bar! We’re open 24/7 and serve BRLO pale and BRLO porter. Both are brewed right here in Berlin at Park am Gleisdreieck. So arrive thirsty and spoil yourself with a good looking bottle. Also, in Berlin, you can even take your bottle for a walk into the streets. It’s cool, it’s normal, and very ‘Berlin’.

So, any craft beer bars in Berlin that are missing in this list? Let us know as we update our blogs regularly!