Best gift ideas for travelers

gift ideas for traveling friends

So your friend is embarking on an adventure and you and your mates want to give him/her a little something special. Not too heavy. Not too big. Something that’s fun, useful or entertaining. Preferably all of the above. We have years of experience in the travel gifting department. Here’s our best gift ideas for travellers.

1. Bunch of little gifts & messages
The best gifts are personalised gifts. Make a little secret parcel with mini wrapped gifts, envelopes with messages and photos that your friend can only open ‘upon arrival’ or ‘when you’re really super super lonely’ or ‘when you climbed that mountain x’.

You’re welcome to include our printable backpacker recipe books for the ‘when you need some cooking inspiration’ envelope. It contains easy, cheap yet yummy backpacker recipes. You’re welcome!

2. Projecteo
This one is so tiny, but so cool. A Projecteo fits 9 pics of you and your gang. Your friend can project them on a wall whenever he wants to see you guys.  Also a great gift for his fave travel pics for when your friend returns. Available here for $40.

3. Treasure Tin
Ideal to keepsake small treasures like jewellery, shells from far flung beaches, the phone number of that one hot chick or cute guy, polaroids, tickets or any precious small thing really. Comes in three color combos. Available here for 9.95.

4. Portable Power Bank
Never out of phone battery. Sounds too good to be true. A portable power bank is so damn handy, it should be compulsory for any traveller.

5. Bluetooth keyboard
A portable bluetooth keyboard makes traveling with a tablet or iPad a breeze.

6. Turkish Towel
Stylish, small, quick dry and versatile, these handwoven beauties are the perfect alternative for a (beach)towel. You can personalise by embroidering something on the towel.