Earn money for travel

We already showed you ten ways to save money for travel. Now let’s double that travel budget with our 10 tips on how to earn money for traveling.

1. Air BNB
Rent out your own place while you are travelling! Chances are, your accommodation when travelling will be cheaper than the rent you will be collecting so that’s more money towards fun things!

2. Etsy
Are you the creative type? Start creating and make money! On the Etsy platform you can sell your crafts to anyone around the world. You can do it fulltime but also next to your day job so it will be an extra source of income.

3. Jobs around the world
Don’t stop earning once you’re travelling! There are lots of fun (and not so fun…) jobs you can do along the way. Jobs like teaching English, bar work, waitressing or working on a farm during harvest season. And even though some jobs in some countries might not pay as well, chances are that they will be able to offer perks like free accommodation or included meals that will save you money. It will also allow you to get to know the local culture a bit better and make real connections with locals.

4. Write!
You a good writer? Start a blog with the hot spots and not to miss adventures along the way and install Google Ads. Make it solid, post regularly, illustrate with pretty pics and make it look professional. The more people will read your blog, the more traffic you will generate and the more money you’ll make.

5. Sell your possessions
Start selling whatever you don’t absolutely need a few months before you leave. It will save you storage costs, the hassle of moving it all and – hello bonus! – you will earn money with it.

6. Sell your knowledge
You an exercise pro? An excellent cook? Or know how to make the best candles? Teach a workshop or a class and charge for it! Again, you can do it next to your regular job!

7. Freelance
The world is so small nowadays. The time differences set apart, you can freelance from anywhere in the world. Make sure you don’t end up working only, after all you’re there to enjoy new adventures. So set a certain day or certain hours in the day that you will devote to a freelance project. You can ‘bring’ clients from home or pick up work from platforms like Odesk or Fiverr.

8. Learn how to cut hair
Seriously, everyone who travels needs a haircut so set up your shop one day a week at the hostel you’re staying at start cashing.

9. Photograph
If your camera skills are good, you can make money selling your photos to travel sites, travel magazines and sites like SmugMug.com.

10. Be creative!
If the above ways of creating a small travel fortune don’t appeal to you, be creative and think of your own business model. Are you a sales talent? Ask local bars and travel agents if you can sell their services to other travellers and get a commission. The best example we have encountered so far for us is Matt. He travelled to practically every country in the world since 2006 while being sponsored to do so because of his crazy ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ dance with locals.