How to stop snoring

Tips to keep from snoring


So you’ve picked the right hostel. You have the perfect itinerary. And the best travel buddies. But without a good night’s sleep will you enjoy your trip? Whether you’re a snorer yourself or you share a room with one, these how to stop snoring solutions will make your trip so much more relaxed! Zzzzzzz.

Keep hydrated
Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and less likely to snore in the first place. Dryness makes snoring a whole lot worse…

Saline Spray
Saline spray (sterilised water and salt) helps you breathe easier and snore less. It relieves snoring caused by allergies, congestion and dryness.

Sleep on your side
Don’t lie on your back as it makes the base of your tongue and soft palate touch the back of your throat, obstructing airways and causing you to snore. Sleep on your side to prevent this and use a pillow in your back to prevent you from rolling back.

Being fit and loosing just a few kilos will limit your chances of snoring. It reduces the fatty tissue in the throat and around the neck that squeezes the airway and prevents air flowing in and out freely.

Go to bed later
Most people’s problem with snorers is that the snorer often falls asleep as soon as his or her head hits the pillow and the partner/roomy is left to listen to the annoying sound and not being able to get to sleep in the first place. Let your roomies hit the sack a little earlier and chances are they won’t even know you snore. Win-win!

Less alcohol
Ok. Boring. But truth be told; alcohol quadruples the chances of snoring so either drink little or make sure your roomies drink as much as you do 😉 Red wine is said to be a real snore enhancer so go easy on the Merlots.

Be safe rather than sorry. Get yourself some earplugs and squeeze them in real tight! Readily available for near to nothing at the Amstel House Hostel reception.

Book method
Ok, weird tip #1. Put a stack of books underneath the top end of the mattress to help elevate your head and limit chances of snoring.

Learn to play the Didgeridoo
Weird tip #2. Playing the didgeridoo helps to strengthen the tissue of the throat to help you to stop snoring. Frequent singing is also said to do the trick.

Travel Sleep Sound Machine
And if all else fails, there’s always the high tech solution. This wondrous machine will mask out snoring travel partners, traffic noise, barking dogs and wake you up rejuvenated and on time in the morning. It calms you with 19 soothing sounds like “Wind Chimes”, “Rainforest” or “Oceanside”.

Noise-cancelling headset
Another tech option is a noise-cancelling headset. They’re not cheap but if you travel on planes often, they might be worth the investment as they cancel all noise around you (not only the snoring).

Sweet dreams! x Amstel Staff