Skateboard in Berlin

skateboard in berlin

Have you seen this year’s Oscar winner for best short documentary, ‘Learning to skateboard in a Warzone’? Go see it, it’s magical. Besides moving us in many ways, the movie sparked our excitement for the joy of skateboarding again. We want to share the joy and show you how you can discover Berlin while riding. So let’s skateboard in Berlin!

Recreational skateboarding

In public areas and roads, skateboarding is not ideal in Berlin. There are cars and pedestrians to be reckoned with and the risk of an accident is real. Recreational skateboarding can be done at one of these best skateboard parks in Berlin. We are smitten with the Tempelhof Airport one.

Tour Berlin with your skateboard

When you want to take your longboard or skateboard across town, then take the Berlin bike map with 440 dedicated bike lanes. As long as you stay on the side of these laneways, you should totally be fine riding Berlin by skateboard. Most lanes are flat and smooth so an easy ride. The best and driest months to skateboard in Berlin would be April to September.

Berlin highlights on a skateboard

Certain scenery rides are especially nice and we would not be your Amstel House friends if we wouldn’t highlight them for you here:

– Visit the East side gallery

– Alexanderplatz to the Cathedral

– Unter den Linden to Brandenburgertor (especially scenic at night with all the lights)

– Kuhdamm to square at Gedächtniskirche. 

Rent a skateboard in Berlin

You can rent your longboard at Coronation Longboard Rental

in Berlin Friedrichshain from 8 euro per day. Bring your ID and a 100 euro deposit.

Location Coronation Industries

Boxhagenerstr. 106 / corner of Simon-Dach-Str.

Opening times Coronation Industries

Mon – Wed 12 – 6 pm

Thur – Fri  12 – 8 pm

You can also rent a longboard or skateboard at Hase Studio at Tempelhof. They rent out frisbees, musical instruments and analog cameras too to make your day at Tempelhof totally – instagrammable – uhh unforgettable.

Location Hase Studio

Weissestrasse 22

Opening times Hase Studio

Tues – Sat  11 am – 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm

Girls skate in Berlin

There’s a great initiative for female skateboard fans. Join the Skate Girls Berlin crew in one of their sessions and never ride alone. You can join whether you’re a beginner or super experienced Sky Brown equivalent.