Berlin Mitte hot spots

Berlin-Mitte, specially  around Weinmeisterstraße & Rosenthaler Platz, is a very fashionable, hip, cool area. Ya… we could say it is hipster. There are many nice cafés, good restaurants, fun bars, local fashion designers and art galleries, besides the fact that the cute architecture, small urban parks and nice surrounding makes it a pleasure to walk around. Here some Amstel tips for the area.

By Martin Heiden
Copyrights  Martin Heiden

Mein Haus am See: This place is a phenomenal. It started as a small café place and it’s now a restless 24h nice designed bar. They even have a basement club down the stars. In the morning its smells like fresh coffee and at night it is all about long drinks and loud music | Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119 Berlin

Sankt Oberholz: Good coffee, fresh tea, nice furniture, free Wi-Fi, fluffy croissants and milky muffins: is there anything else needed for a afternoon break? | Rosenthaler Straße 72a, 10119 Berlin

Monsieur Vuong: the first to establish a particular Berlin style to serve Vietnamese Food, this restaurant inspired many others and turned their concept into a wave in the city. With a small but extremely yummy dish menu and another fully with tasty drinks, they have nice style, talent for food arrangement and serve delicious food. Get ready, you might get some line. | Alte Schönhauser Straße 46, 10119 Berlin

Neurotitan: an old acquaintance of the area they are a survivor of former times, pos Wall Fall when the center turned into an alternative corner and was taken by many squats and collective. This bookshop and gallery specialized in street art is a remnant of what was Mitte in the 90s. Well worth a look. | Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin ‎

Volkspark am Weinberg: right in the heart of Berlin there is a charming park, with a small lake in the middle and plenty green grass for a rest in the sun. Bring your sarong, your book and own bottle of beer. | Weinbergweg U Rosenthaler Platz