Best time to visit Berlin

Best time to visit Berlin


Berlin has something great for every season. But if you are flexible and planning a trip, what is the best time to visit Berlin? And what is the best time to plan your itinerary for a Berlin trip once you have booked your trip? At the Amstel House, we often get these questions. So we thought it might be time (pun intended) to answer them!


Best time to visit Berlin

The best time to visit Berlin is from April to June and from September to early November. Because this is when the weather is nice and the tourist chaos is not too overwhelming. You can go for a picnic in one of Berlin’s beautiful parks, visit a festival or sip a nice German beer on a terrace or rooftop. Our favorite months are September and October as the city is back to its normal pace without the crowds but still nice and warm and plenty of events going on to give you that ‘summer in Berlin’ feel or (closer to October) a beautiful autumn color palette.


Cheapest time to visit Berlin

That said, if you want to save your euros, the cheapest months to visit Berlin are November, early December and January and February. Budget travelers can score good deals on airfares and Berlin hostels then. Have a look at our winter in Berlin tips to see what makes Berlin a perfect winter destination as well.


Best time to visit museums in Berlin

Museums in Berlin are most crowded during the holidays in December and the July and August summer break. January and February are great for visiting museums as there are hardly any tourists, hence hardly any queues. Special exhibitions usually start in October. And if you are in Berlin during the high peak season, be sure to visit these hidden gem Berlin museums nobody knows about but are so worth a visit!


Best time to visit Berlin for families

The summer and December holidays are a popular time for families to visit Berlin. Both periods offer lots of fun events and stuff going on for families. There’s winter fun such as ice skating and Christmas fairs in December. And during summer, you will find more festivals and Berlin beaches offering family entertainment.


Best time to shop in Berlin

Shopping bargains and great value vintage shops can be found year-round in Berlin. Sales that will rise to up to 70% usually happen in July and January. Usually it starts the last Monday of July and last Monday of January and lasts for two weeks. For the best bargains and second hand finds, come to Mauerpark on Sundays 10 am-6pm.  Mauerpark is Berlin’s biggest and most famous flea market and located in pretty Prenzlauer Berg.


Best time to book your Berlin accommodation

In Berlin, like in most other cities, the best time to book accommodation is now. The earlier you book, the best prices and value for money you get. Nice Berlin accommodations book up quickly so be sure to book the friendliest hostel in Berlin right here.


Best time to party in Berlin