Disinfecting news from the Amstel House

Disinfecting news

More than ever, hygiene is getting today the relevance it deserves. The Amstel House is using this time of closed doors to reflect and to act on that. Our team is already working on sanitizing and disinfecting all areas, every room and every corner of the hostel. However, we believe the moment calls for more then that. To ensure maximum results, we contacted a microbiologist, who gave us all the tips of a detailed and committed step-by-step. When things go back to business we want to be ready to offer our guests all the sanitary safety they deserve. Here our Disinfecting news:

#1: Disinfecting & Sanitizing

As said, our team is already disinfecting and sanitizing all the facilities in the hostel. From the walls, doors and windows to all the smallest details. Handles, frames, light switches in all the common areas, rooms and bathrooms – NOTHING will be left out.

#2: New Sanitary protocols

In order to take the most efficient measures for each area of the hostel we are mapping out the conditions and creating new sanitary protocols for each environment, taking into account the usage of the space, the frequency and volume of visitors.

#3: Special training for cleaning staff

To ensure that we are prepared to offer the ultimate cleaning procedure, we are preparing a new training for our Housekeeping team. Things will shine like never before 😉

#4: Hand Sanitizer in all common areas

They are the hot product of the moment. And when we open our doors again they will be installed all over the common areas of the hostel. You can be sure!

#5: Hygiene guidance protocol for guests

We are learning at this moment that in matters of health it is collectively that we should face challenges. An individual’s attitude has effects on the whole community. Therefore, in addition to creating guidance protocols for our employees, our guests also will have to follow certain procedures for the good of all.

We are using this time to inform ourselves and seek everything in our power to guarantee our guests not only memorable days in Berlin, but a safe and healthy stay as well. Stay in touch for more news!

Your Amstel Team