travel to berlin

With its booming art scene, famous music festivals, legendary history and diverse neighbourhoods, Berlin is a magnet for many. But let’s talk transport. If you’re lucky enough to be planning your next trip, you might be weighing options on how to get to Berlin. We’ve listed some well-known options, some less common means of transportation. Find out what suits you best. You might be surprised!

Tegel airport was supposed to close down a few years ago but is still open and handling millions of passengers from all over the world. The airport is located only 13km north west of the city centre of Berlin. A cheap and short (15 minutes) taxi ride will take you straight to the Amstel House Hostel Berlin. The TXL bus also offers a reliable transport option between Tegel, Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and Alexanderplatz in the city centre.

Berlin-Schönefeld is a hub for many low-budget airlines. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the city center from Schönefeld airport. Find bus lines and an S-bahn train station conveniently connecting you to the city next to the airport.

Most long distance bus lines arrive in Charlottenburg in west Berlin at ZOB (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin). From ZOB buses run to destinations throughout Germany and Europe. You find S-bahn and U-bahn stations nearby (walking distance) which will take you from ZOB to the city centre of Berlin in about 35-40 minutes.

Berlin’ Hauptbahnhof (Berlin’s main train station) is located close to the government district and center of Berlin. It has a direct link to S-Bahn and U-bahn network that will take you from Hauptbahnhof to Alexanderplatz in 10 minutes. Did you know Hauptbahnhof is only 3 bus stops from Amstel House Hostel Berlin? That means you can drop your bags and be ready to explore within half an hour after you arrive in Berlin!

Driving to Berlin is fairly easy. Berlin has good connections to spacious motorways and parking is not too expensive. Note that you need an environmental badge with the pollutant category of your car for driving in the city centre (designated environmental zone).

Amstel House Hostel Berlin provides affordable parking space on the premises. Check availability of the parking space before you book.

Renting a bike in Berlin to get around is definitely something we recommend! It’s healthy, affordable, the greenest mode of transportation and no waiting for public transport. Win-win-win! But what about biking to Berlin? Yes you heard right! We’ve been seeing some bike adventurers from all over Europe making their way to the Amstel House Hostel Berlin for a well deserved rest and city trip after biking for hundreds of kilometres! Make it a yearly event with likeminded bike fan friends and

Getting around in Berlin
When you’ve figured out how to get to Berlin, it’s time to move around town. Berlin’s public transport (BVG and Deutsche Bahn) is affordable and reliable. We highly recommend a combination of bike, public transport and walking for the perfect mix.  Biking being our number one favourite, you can rent an affordable and comfy bike right at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin so no fuss. Despite the parking space and spacious roads, driving a car in Berlin can be busy, especially in the centre and around rush hour (8 am – 10 am and 5 pm – 7pm).