So you’re coming to Berlin! Yay. Have a look around here on our blog and you will find enough things to do in Berlin for your taste and however long you stay. Today however, we will not talk about all the amazing stuff you can see, eat and do in Berlin. Instead we will show you how to get around in Berlin. Berlin has a smooth public transport system, but it can be a tad overwhelming sometimes. So as we live here in Berlin, we thought we’d be the perfect experts to create you a guide to public transport in Berlin.


Berlin Public transport App

Although Google Maps does an awesome job, the most accurate timetables for journey planning can be found on the BVG Fahrinfo app. Be sure to download it before your trip. And use our free wifi at Berlin’s best budget hostel to plan your trip.


Berlin Public Transport tickets

Public transport tickets can be used across all means of public transportation in Berlin. The city is divided in 3 zones (A, B, C). Regular tickets include zone A and B (AB ticket) and you can extend to include C (ABC).  You can get a 2 hour ticket with unlimited transfers in one direction or you can buy a single ticket. Kids under 6 travel travel for free in Berlin and older kids under 15 get a reduced price.  If you are going to use public transport frequently during your stay, you can consider the Berlin Welcome Card. From 20 euros for 48 hours you can travel unlimited and children under 15 travel for free.


Berlin’s Underground: Berlin by U-bahn

The U-bahn operates underground is marked by a (surprise, surprise…) ‘U’ at the entrance of a station. It connects every corner of Berlin and some of the 170 stations are true pieces of art. You can buy your tickets at the station from the machines. You will find the U-bahn stations and all U-bahn lines here.


Operating hours: 5am – 1 am Mon-Fri // 24/7 on weekends

Frequency: Every 5 minutes within the center. Every 10-20 minutes after 8pm.


Berlin by S-bahn

Berlin’s City Rail (Stadtbahn) runs above the ground and as the distance between stations is longer, it connects you quicker to outside areas like Potsdam. The stations are marked ‘S’. Get your ticket at the station and stamp it before you board. You will find the S-bahn with most of its 170 stations and  lines here.


Operating hours: 4.30 am – 1.30 am Mon-Fri // 24/7 on weekends

Frequency: Every 10 minutes within the centre. Every 10-30 minutes after peak hours.


Berlin by bus

Berlin’s bus network adds an extra layer to the public transport network. You can buy public transport tickets at the S-Bahn, U-Bahn or BVG ticket sellers. The express buses are marked ‘X’, these buses take you to Berlin’s airports in a few stops.


Berlin by train

If you arrive by train, you’ll arrive at Berlin Hauptbahnhof in the city center. From here, you can easily commute with all other means of transportation to wherever you need to go. Amstel House is conveniently located one bus stop from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The TXL Bus takes you to our bus stop on Turmstrasse in under 7 minutes.


Berlin by bike and scooter

Ok not technical public transport, but such a great way to get around our flat city that we had to include this means of transportation. There are many bike sharing and electric scooter sharing programs in Berlin but if you are staying with us at Berlin’s best budget hostel, we can reserve you a bike right here at the Amstel House.