Online Tours through Berlin’s museums

Online Tours through Berlins museums

Staying at home is the mantra of the moment. And it’s the best we can do to one another. But that doesn’t mean we should stay locked between four walls. The internet, a luxury and a utility, allows us to travel the world without taking our asses off the couch. While your visit to Berlin will have to wait a bit, you don’t have to wait to start exploring the city. The German capital has over 400 museums. And many of them are offering virtual tours. If there’s one thing that can help us maintain our sanity and inspiration at this time, it’s art. The Amstel House has made a list of the most amazing Online Tours through Berlin’s museums. Let’s get started!

Virtual tour through the Bode-Museum

The Bode-Museum is part of the renowned cultural complex located in the heart of Berlin called Museum Island. Like the other national museums in the city, Bode is currently closed to the public. But part of its collection of sculptures, Byzantine art, coins and medals can be appreciated virtually. With 360° panoramic photographs the tour allows a real expedition through the stairways, rooms and corridors of the beautiful museum. Information about all 850 sculptures and paintings is also available. Click here for more information.

Google Arts & Culture – National Museums in Berlin

In collaboration with some of the most important museums around the globe, the world’s largest search platform has created the Google Arts & Culture website. There you can browse the details of numerous works of art, take virtual tours around museums and galleries, and get to know artistic outdoors spots around the world. The Nacional Museums in Berlin are also part of the catalog. The architecture, history, treasures and many of the icon pieces of these significant institutions are at the disposal of art lovers to be explored, with no entry line or closing time. There are more than 5000 objects, 40 exhibitions, 37 short stories, 5 virtual reality tours, six expeditions, eight gigapixels as well as streetviews of all buldigs.

Pergamon Museum in 3D

It is strange to imagine the most visited museum in Berlin completely empty and closed. Over 1,135,000 people pass through the Pergamon every year. And yet, among its majestic walls there is now a strange silence. But not all is lost. The museum’s main attraction – which by the way lends its name – the Altar of Pergamon can be visited in detail online. A 3D scan of this dazzling millenary building is accessible on the internet for anyone. For a video and more info look here.

National museums on social media

Since the city went into quarantine, Berlin’s national museums have become even more present and active on social media. New explanatory videos, curator talks, photos and texts are being posted, ensuring that the indispensable art of each day reaches us. There are umbrella accounts, which include content from all museums, on facebook, instagram and youtube. But for those with more specific interest, each institution also has its own pages, as for example the Hamburger Bahnhof, the museum for contemporary art. Especially the Gemälde Galerie has super cool content online, like the Online database of the collection and the team Favorit pieces at the Gemälde Galerie. 

Berlin Museums Blog

The national museums also have a blog (unfortunately only available in German), full of back-stage stories, interviews and photographs. In the coming weeks the curators will be especially active.

Stay tuned. The Amstel House will be active, giving you all the hot online tips during this homie times. Stay healthy!