Spring hot spots in berlin

Landwehr Canal - Paul Lincke-Ufer
Landwehr Canal – Paul Lincke-Ufer

We are not going to celebrate too soon, but no one can deny this was the lighter winter in years. And the weather and the mood are of spring already for a few weeks. Blue sky and bright sun almost every day! Berlin is not used to that cakewalk. Everybody is getting around! It is time to get out of the burrows. Here are our first spring hot spots in Berlin of this year.

A Walk at the Canal

Landwehr Canal - Maybach-Ufer
Landwehr Canal – Maybach-Ufer

Berlin is one of the greenest capitals in the world. It also well served by water with two rivers and many lakes and canals. In some points of the city it is really possible to feel out in the nature. The Landwehr Canal, which flows through Tiergarten and Kreuzberg, is a good example of it. Constructed more than 150 years ago this almost 11 km water way is a beautiful and almost poetic walk path, that would make you feel in the fields of Monet if it would be full of graffiti all around. In sunny afternoons its banks get filled by locals, laying on the grass, drinking beer and Sekt. When the tourist boats slowly pass through the narrow waters, they look like penguins being observed in their natural habitat. For those with more time in Berlin, this is definitely an unexpected Berlin view.

Görlitzer Park

Görlitzer Park
Görlitzer Park

Kindly called Görli by locals this is an interesting and somehow weird Park. It is definitely not the most forested in town and sometimes even its grass seemed to be getting off. Its forms, spread concrete, graffiti and a huge metal sculpture make of it an unusual but definitely urban space. Located in the heart of Kreuzberg it attracts all. Entire Turkish families spend their afternoons barbecuing in the shadows of its few trees. Punks with their dogs drink their asses off lying on its failed grass. Children learn how to ride bikes, many play frisby. There are some beloved valentines, many jugglers, hipsters, students and tourists. Summarizing, Görli is a big confetti bag, just like Berlin.

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