10 best travel apps

10 best apps for travelersAround a year ago we created a list with 10 genius travel apps for you. They are still genius but we thought we’d add a new list if 10 best travel apps we found to make your travels easier, cheaper or simply more fun. With the Amstel House free wifi you can start exploring these awesome apps from the moment you arrive at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin!

1. Happy Hour Radar
Never miss a good food or drink deal in your proximity with this app. Happy Hour Radar is for Germany, but there are Happy Hour apps for the US and many other countries available in the app store.

2. PackPoint
No more packing stress. Enter your destination, the length of your trip and what activities your trip will include and PackPoint will create a personal packing check list. It even takes the weather forecast into account!

3. Trover
It’s been called “the baby of Instagram and Trip Advisor”. The Trover app encourages users to upload their pics and tag them to their geo location providing recommendations and tips for that spot. Use it as your own log book, create a bucket list or simply inspire others!

4. Tripadvisor (offline) city guides
Tripadvisor created a huge number of offline city guides. Simply download on your phone before you leave the wifi area and you’ll have on-the-go access to self-guided city tours created by experts at your fingertips. No wifi needed.

5. Wikihood
Also great for travelers on-the-go; the Wikihood app organizes and displays all Wikipedia information of a certain place for you into one gigantic travel guide with historical buildings, famous sites, public transit, noted bars, restaurants and parks which are sortable by distance, relevance and ratings.

6. Wi-Fi Finder
With over 650.000 locations in 144 countries in the world, Wi-Fi Finder will be your best bet when you’re looking for the nearest free wifi location. It also provides directions.

7. Entrain
Don’t you hate it when a jetlag holds your energy down? Right when you arrive in the most exciting place ever. Entrain to the rescue. It’s an app developed by researchers of the University of Michigan and it recommends optimal light and dark schedules to help your personal circadian rhythm quickly adjust.

8. Hipmunk
Hipmunk allows you to find the best prices on flights, trains, and accommodations from AirBnB to hotel rooms and hostels. You can sort your flights on a number of criteria – arrival time, landing time, price, duration, and a combination of those.

9. Roomer
Most hotel room reservations are non-refundable. Roomer is an platform that allows people to sell and buy unwanted hotel room reservations. As the people who made the reservation would normally get 0, they often offer them at a highly discounted price. It’s win-win!

10. Hotel Tonight
If you are a spontaneous traveler, Hotel Tonight is perfect for you. It offers last-minute hotel room deals by hotels that want to dump their prices due to empty rooms for that night. Now up to 7 days in advance.