Art Exchange between Mexico City and Berlin.


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© Christian Castñeda

For the empowerment of the independent art scene

Coming up next week Nuestro Barrio, an exchange project between the independent art scenes in Mexico City and Berlin, brings a great agenda to think, experience and understand the importance of autonomous art projects and places inside our community and cityscape.

© Mariana Magdaleno
© Mariana Magdaleno

Divided into two phases, the project brings first artists and collectives from Mexico City to Berlin. Here illustrators, city activists, comics and street artists will gather for an artist’s collaboration to share ideas, knowledge and experience, to create together and indentify new opportunities for action and empowerment of the independent art scene.  Lectures and discussions with the public will address issues such as tactics of resistance against neoliberal urban development and artistic commitment with the community problems.

Besides a collective exhibition at the gallery and bookshop neurotitan, the program also includes workshops, bike tours and screenings.

Illustration Mexico City
© José Roberto Flores García

In the second phase is the turn of the Berlin group to be the guest at Mexico City, where the knowledge acquired during this month in Berlin will be compared and discussed on the bases of the situation on-site. At the very end, a common mural made by everybody should arise, sharing the understanding of the participants about urban expression.

Amstel Cult Tip – What: Nuestro Barrio | Abou: Art Exchange between Mexico City and Berlin | When: from 30.07 – 22.08 (Berlin) / 01.09 – 30.09 (Mexico City) | More infos about the programe here.