Autumn: the best time to visit Berlin.

the best time to visit BerlinPicture the by visitBerlin

A trip to Berlin is always a good idea. With 365 days of interesting agenda there is always a good art exhibition to see, an impressive music festival to attend, food novelties to try and DJ lineups to dance to. Besides this on-going hectic program visitors can not miss the classic stuff. If you want to get the best view of this side of the city, trust us on this: autumn is the best time to visit Berlin. And we have listed the 10 reasons why.

1- The tourist mass of the summer is gone
With the summer touristic boom gone the autumn comes to bring tranquility to the city. Museums get more spacious, lines shorter, streets calmer. It is a better time to experience the urban space and the Berlin normal daily vibe.

2- Prices are nicer
With the end of the high season prices get much friendlier – especially concerning accommodation. For the same amount of money you get to stay a bit longer – the perfect chance to get to know Berlin better. Check it out the Amstel House Autumn rates.

3- Berlin Festival of lights
Between the 6th and the 15th of October the festival of lights bring an alluring look to city’s main postcards. Made by renamed artists the light installations bring to places such as the Brandenburg Tor, the Berliner Dom and the TV Tower an effect not to be seen in other times of the year.

4- Most beautiful time for walks
Berlin is a flat green city, reason why walks are especially pleasant around here. During the red/yellow season the landscapes gets more beautiful than at any other time of the year. If contemplating the animals in one of our zoos, visiting the dead at a rustic cemetery, by the river’s banks or through the parks you will surly get cinematographic images of Berlin.

5- Less rain
Berlin is known for its “pissy” weather. Especially this last summer the city saw so much water as rarely before. But the good news is that October is by far the driest month of the year. If you are a traveler you know what that means.

6- Perfect temperature for site seeing
Besides this last unbeatable plus, the temperatures of the season are ideal for touristing around. Mild and nice this is when they get just about right for the travelers stuff.

7- Romance is in the air
The legend has that with the arrival of spring there is a kind of breakups boom in Berlin. Many don’t want to be committed to exclusivity during the party months of summer. The arrival of autumn, on the other hand, brings the cupid along. Everyone is looking for a fix cuddle to warm things up.

8- Bars and coffee get specially inviting
It is orange outside. You have walked around the city all day long. Besides the tired legs the end of the day brings the fresh air. There is no better time to call for a coffee or a red wine in many of Berlin’s cozy bars or cafés.

9- New and young people in town
Autumn also announces the beginning of the academic year. Many young people have just arrived in the city for their first year of college. Full of energy but still without a fixed group of friends these students are crazy to meet new people. A wealth of possibilities for new friendships in which travelers also take part.

10- Amstel House last Burger BBQ of the year.
Our beloved-yummy-crispy-fun-all-you-can-eat-burger-BBQ has its last edition of the year in October. For only 7,50 € you gobble up as much as you want with a cold pills beer to go with it.