Berlin Atonal 2016

Berlin Atonal 2016Some festivals are so revealing that change forever the history of music. Montreux Jazz, for example, brought to the spotlight world’s best talent in the genre and has led to an abundance of representative recorded live albums. Woodstock marked the history as one of the biggest festivals outdoor of all times, as well as an emblem of peace and freedom.

This week Berlin will be hosting a festival not yet as big, but definitely on its way to became a landmark of its time. Berlin Atonal for electronic and contemporary experimental music is gaining attention by presenting fresh new possibilities in the artistic world of sound and light. An inspiring event that challenges our perceptions and stimulates our senses.

With its origins in the early 80s, Atonal’s first home was the legendary SO36, a still existing and celebrated concert-club in Kreuzberg. Over the decade of the synthesizer the festival served as stage for vanguard progressive electronic music, featuring pioneers of revolutionary sounds. The party came to an end with the Berlin Wall Fall, when its organizer Dimitri Hegemann decided to open the acclaimed tecno club Tresor.

atonal_berlin-2016Since its comeback in 2013 Atonal has a venue of its dimension. The impressive  Kraftwerk, a former giant powerplant, is now a massive concrete temple for the followers of existential music. The greatness of the space, its acoustics and lighting alone transport the audience to another place. The incredible lineup of over 100 sound, light and video artists invited to join the festival gain in this venue the space they deserve. Base, experimentation, deep vibration and the abstract sounds presented here make this festival almost a meditative and spiritual experience.

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Berlin Atonal 2016 | When: from 24th to 28h of october | Where: Kraftwerk – Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin | Info about tickets and program here 

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