Free stay for musicians in Berlin

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free stay for musicians in berlin

Are you a solo musician, a DJ or part of a band? Do you have some road time, social media followers and a few fans? Are you in the mood to spend a couple of days in Berlin and save some bucks? If YES is the answer for all our questions, you might be reading just the right post for you.

After a successful experience this summer the Amstel House is now welcoming musicians during the high season and some special holidays to stay for free in exchange for a nice gig. Our Berlin Concerts: Live Music at the Amstel House was shown to be a nice way to shake our Fridays, meet cool people and put together staff members and guests. We liked it so much we want it more often!

So let’s rock it, babe. Free stay for musicians in Berlin. We still have some free dates in our calendar, so drop us a message at our facebook page. If you fit to our concept we might offer you a great deal to stay in Berlin. We are looking forward to hearing from you.