Hanf Museum: the house of marijuana in Berlin

Hanf Museum, hemp BerlinNowadays there are countless types of museum dedicated to the all kinds of topics. But only four cities worldwide host one entire dedicated to cannabis. Berlin had to be one of them. Hanf Museum: the house of marijuana in Berlin devotes nearly 300 m2 to talk about all issues around the polemic herb.

Leaving aside devotions and prejudices, getting information is always important. Since museums are culture and paying a visit does not make anyone high, the Amstel House strongly recommends. Covering topics such as history, culture and medical use the museum seeks not only to bring information and raise dialog, but to find reconsideration to the legal situation of marijuana consumption. After all, what are 100 years of illegality when cannabis has been consumed for almost 5000 years?


Every Thursday from 6 to 7p.m visitors get a special service. People with problems with the narcotics law can get advice from a lawyer for free.

Curious visitors get to peek and follow the growth development of a cannabis plant through the Grow Room Cam. From 8a.m to 8p.m the plant is illuminated by its powerful lamp. Pictures are updated every 10 min.

What? Hanf Museum Berlin | Where: Mühlendamm 5 – 10178 Berlin | Opening hours: Tu-Fr: 10a.m – 8p.m / Sa & Su: 12 to 8p.m | Price: 4,50 € / 3 € discount