How to get into Berlin’s best clubs?

berlin clubs door policies

Tips and Tricks to survive Berlin’s clubs door policies.

Berlin’s night life is hectic, it is noisy, is long… And it is real good! City’s worldwide known clubs, however, are not only famous for their amazing sound systems and insane line-ups. Their door policies also carry a great, but bit intimidating fame. And their reputation does not lie. Not always very welcoming, strict and merciless bouncers leave people outside of the party. To avoid this big turn-off the Amstel House has prepared a list with tips on how to get into Berlin’s best clubs:

Know the program
Many Berlin clubs host very unique performances and some of the best current DJs on earth. Since there is no space for everybody, venues make sure that the people coming inside value what they are about to listen and dance.

Stay away from groups
If not possible, at least divide it into smaller ones, make it pairs or come alone. Crowds do not fit in.

Don’t come drunk
Careful with false starts; get your drink once you are inside. Groggy will definitely not do your best first impression.

Avoid peak times
As with anyone else, the mood of bouncers tend to sink in hours of work peak. Between midnight and 3a.m they see so many faces that it gets harder to like some of them.

Watch the look
Posh, behaved and traditional are not really the style…  Pastels or boat shoes are not really allowed in.

Keep it quite
Don’t be laud or make a fuss. Bouncers in Berlin find it very unpleasant to hear what people have to say.

Avoid speaking English
The language is a great sign of tourism. And thus not always very welcome in places where locals want to feel at home. If possible learn some words and try to answer the bouncers in German.

Keep your phone in the pocket
Clubs are made for people who enjoy socializing. Staying on the phone proves only the opposite of that.

These are only clubs and you will probably get in =). Just be you, and be nice. Viel spaß!